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PentHouse Pool and Lounge Member Policies

Hours of Operation

Daytime sessions (Every day): 10:00 am – 2:00 pm (Session 1) 2:30 pm-7:00 pm (Session 2)
Evening session* (Friday & Saturday U Street ONLY):  7:30 pm – 12:00 am

Food and Beverage Service

Kitchen and Bar 11:00 am – 6:00 pm (Session 1 last call 1:30 pm) (Session 2 last call 5:45 pm)
Evening session* (Friday & Saturday U Street ONLY): Kitchen closes at 10:00 pm (last call at 9:45 pm) Bar closes at 11:00 pm (last call at 11:00 pm)


The Penthouse operates from May – September.  Actual opening and closing dates are weather dependent.  Only Penthouse members and their guests may access the Penthouse Pool and Lounge.  VIDA members wishing to upgrade their membership to include access to the Penthouse should submit an inquiry to


The Penthouse Pool and Lounge has a strict age limit of 21+ and all guests must present a valid, government issued photo ID at the 1st Floor check-in station in order to be granted access.


Penthouse members must make their General Admission, Cabana, or Day Bed reservation in the VIDA App (limit of 1 reservation per member, per day).  Reservations are available up to 7 days in advance.  Members must arrive within 30 minutes of their reservation time on weekends & holidays or we reserve the right to offer your spot to someone on the Waiting List.

Lounge Chairs are available on a first come, first served basis with a General Admission reservation (beginning Friday, July 9th).  You may also sit in the Bar & Firepit areas or place a towel on the pool deck.

The Penthouse Host will seat you and your guests when you arrive at the pool club.  All members must remain in their designated seating area.  Moving Lounge Chairs, umbrellas, or any other furniture is strictly prohibited.  Please note that we use the QR Code in your seating area for Food & Beverage service.  This means that we will deliver all orders to your designated seat.

The Penthouse will charge a cancellation fee if the member cancels their reservation less than 4 hours prior to the start time or does not show up for their reservation.  The Late Cancellation/No Show Fees are as follows:

  • $25 – General Admission reservation
  • $50 – Day Bed reservation
  • $100 – Cabana reservation


All Penthouse members must use the guest passes on their account to have any guests accompany them to the Penthouse. If the member has an insufficient number of passes on their account, additional passes may be purchased at the Front Desk with their card on file. Guest passes must be purchased by the member. Non-members cannot purchase their own guest passes. Penthouse members must always accompany their guests to the pool club and remain with their guests. Guests will not be permitted into the Penthouse without the member present.

  • Weekend (Peak) Guest Passes ($29) – (Saturday – Sunday) Penthouse members may use weekend guest passes on any day at any time, including holidays & special events.
  • Weekday & Evening (Off Peak) Guest Passes ($19) – (Monday – Friday and Evenings) Penthouse members may use weekday passes Monday – Friday ONLY, excluding holidays & special events. Evening guest passes may be used any evening, excluding special events, after 7:00 pm. Weekday guest passes are not valid on the following Holidays: Memorial Day – May 31th, Independence Day – July 4th, Labor Day – September 6th and Pride Weekend.
  • Guest Behavior Policy: Penthouse members are responsible for the conduct and financial obligations of their guests who accompany them to the Penthouse. Guests are expected to follow all policies set by the Penthouse Pool and Lounge. Any policy violation committed by the guest of a member may lead to the suspension and or termination of membership.
  • Readmittance: Guests must keep their wristband on at all times.  If a guest leaves the Penthouse, they will need to show their wristband and a valid, government-issued photo ID at both check-in stations to gain entry.
  • Number of Guests: Penthouse members may bring 1 guest with a General Admission reservation and must do so by adding their guest when making their reservation in the VIDA App. Penthouse members may bring 3 guests with a Day Bed reservation and 7 guests with a Cabana reservation. We are currently building out the functionality to manage the Day Bed and Cabana guest list in the VIDA App. In the meantime, please email your Day Bed or Cabana guest list to

Cabana & Day Bed Rentals

Penthouse members reserving a cabana or Day Bed must agree to the food and beverage minimums below. Guest passes ARE NOT included with ANY reservation and the cost of additional passes are not applied to the food and beverage minimum. Guests joining the member must use a guest pass from the members’ account.

Food & Beverage Minimums

  • Saturday – Sunday (including Holidays, & Special Events): $300 for Cabanas and $150 for Day Beds.
  • Monday – Friday: $200 for Cabanas and $100 for Day Beds.

Weekend minimums will be charged for the following Holidays: Memorial Day – May 31st, Independence Day – July 4th, Labor Day – September 6th, Pride Week, and other Special Events.

Cabana Openings

For the safety of our members and to facilitate service, the front curtain panels of all cabanas must remain open at all times, no exceptions.

Check-in Procedures

1st Floor Check-in:  All Penthouse members and their guests must check-in at the 1st Floor host stand located by the elevator.
Penthouse Level Check-in:  All Penthouse members and their guests must also check-in at the Penthouse level check-in station located at the entrance, to gain access.

Outside Food & Beverage

Any outside food or beverages (including alcohol) are strictly prohibited at Penthouse. No alcohol can leave the premises. We reserve the right to inspect all bags. Violation of this policy is grounds for immediate membership termination. Any member or their guests that bring outside alcohol into the pool club will be immediately removed from the facility.  A second offense will result in membership termination.

Dress Code

Appropriate swimwear is required at all times. Management reserves the right to make decisions as to the appropriateness of any swim attire (or lack thereof). If you have to ask yourself if what you’re wearing is appropriate, it probably is not. Any member wearing attire deemed to be inappropriate by our staff shall be asked to immediately leave the pool area until proper attire is worn. Repeated admonitions about inappropriate attire will result in termination of your membership. All Penthouse members and their guests must wear a shirt, shoes, and shorts/pants/skirt while inside any indoor area of VIDA Fitness.

Behavior Policy

All members and guests are expected to govern themselves in a courteous and respectful manner. Members are to treat other members, guests, and staff with dignity and respect, always, and are not to abuse anyone, verbally or otherwise. This also includes sexually suggestive or explicit behavior, excessively loud and foul language, and any behavior which is disrespectful of anyone. Any suggestions or complaints regarding any aspect of the operation, individual employee performance, or action of fellow members should be directed to management. Any inappropriate, abusive, or disrespectful behavior to pool club members, guests, staff, or management will be grounds for removal, suspension and/or termination of membership privileges.

Property Damage

Pool furniture (i.e. lounge chairs, umbrellas, tables, etc.) must remain in its designated area. Members and guests are not allowed to move any of the furniture. Damage or destruction of equipment, furnishings or any property belonging to the Club, by members or guests, will be charged to and will be payable by the member responsible.

No Smoking or Vaping

Penthouse Pool and Lounge is a non-smoking facility, this includes vaping. Violation of this policy is grounds for immediate membership termination.

Personal speakers and outside music are strictly prohibited. You may bring your headphones to listen to music on your laptop or smart phone, but the music volume should not be audible to other members. Do not touch or otherwise tamper with the Penthouse speakers. Anyone who fails to comply with this rule will also be subject to termination.

No glass bottles or ice buckets are permitted within 2 feet of the pool. You may have your drink in a plastic cup while inside of the pool, but please exercise caution to avoid spilling your drink.

No Illegal or Recreational Drugs

The possession and/or consumption of illegal or recreational drugs is explicitly prohibited at all VIDA Fitness locations. Members and/or their guests suspected or observed in violation are subject to a search of their person and belongings. Members and/or their guests found in violation will be removed from the premises with a loss of membership and possible police intervention.

Interruption to Service due to Weather

Penthouse management may close the facility due to inclement weather (actual or forecasted). Please refer to our social media (website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) for announcements.

  • In case of a weather event while open: Penthouse staff will immediately clear the pool of all members & guests.
  • If lightning has been sighted or thunder heard, it is the responsibility of the Penthouse staff to minimize these hazards as a safety precaution. The pool will remain cleared up to 30 minutes after the lightning is last seen or thunder is last heard.
  • All patrons at the Penthouse (including the bar) may also be evacuated immediately depending on the severity of the weather event
  • Members and guests are not allowed to huddle or congregate around the bar, in the fire pit lounge areas, foyer, or block entrances.
  • Management will determine all other weather-related closures at their sole discretion.

Additional General Rules

  • Management reserves the right to request to inspect the contents of any bag, backpack, purse, or the equivalent brought on premises. If the request is denied, the guest may be asked to leave.
  • Penthouse members must always accompany their guests to the pool club and remain with their guests. The member must be present to have their guests gain access.
  • Penthouse members are responsible for their guests that accompany them to the Penthouse. Guests are expected to follow all the rules of Penthouse. Members are responsible of all charges incurred by their guest and will be responsible for any damages brought about by their guests.
  • No Inappropriate Behavior-To include inappropriate language, physical contact, or gestures.
  • No amplification devices (speakers) are permitted. Members are permitted to use headphones when listening to personal devices.